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Otrium’s Repairs Service

At Otrium, we believe in repurposing unsold clothing to minimise waste and maximise value.

6 JUNE 2024
Returns are a significant challenge in the current e-commerce landscape. Apart from the negative financial impact, not all items can be put back into stock. While some unsellable returns are donated to charities, others are being destroyed. In Europe one out of every five pieces of clothing is returned. At Otrium, we recognise the importance of extending the life cycle of clothing, while reducing waste. That's why we've set up our Repair Service.
Refurbishment, often referred to as repair or reconditioning service, is a service we offer to our fashion brand partners. We repair slightly damaged returns to perfect condition, giving them a second chance on our platform. Since April 2023, we have partnered with The Renewal Workshop via our logistics partner, Bleckmann. In 2023, we sorted and graded over 30,000 items, of which around 50% were successfully brought back to their original condition.
How it works
  1. Receive items: Receive damaged returns from customers or damaged stock directly from our fashion brand partners
  2. Sort and grade: Items are graded according to the value and repair option light, medium and large repair
  3. Repair: The items are repaired and the value is restored to its original value
  4. Sell: The items are put back in stock and sold
  5. Report: Reporting on performance
We provide a few alternative routes to repurpose the items that cannot be restored to perfect-condition. Our fashion brand partners get presented the options to either sell these to stock buyers, local textile recycling or receive them back at their warehouse to repurpose in other ways.
Looking ahead, we want to scale this service and make it more data-driven. By combining commercial data, physical properties, and brand preferences, we aim to optimise the process. This also shortens the period between the costs of the repair and the return on investment of the sale of the item.
At Otrium, we believe in repurposing unsold clothing to minimise waste and maximise value. Our partnership with The Renewal Workshop is just the beginning. We're exploring new ways to repurpose unsold clothing through recycling initiatives and leveraging our partnership dashboard to measure the environmental recovery value of our efforts. 
At Otrium, we're more than just a fashion platform—we aim to make a change. By extending the life cycle of clothing, reducing waste, and promoting a circular economy. Paving the way for a better future for fashion, one item at a time.

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Otrium's B2B Marketplace

At Otrium, our goal is to ensure all clothing produced is worn. Over 90% of the clothing on our platform sells through the Otrium Fashion Store. We offer alternative services to unburden fashion brands to repurpose the unsold 10%. To tackle this challenge, we've developed a strategic service: the Otrium B2B Marketplace. This platform serves as a valuable extension for brands already working with Otrium on the B2C Marketplace, providing a seamless channel for selling remaining leftover products. The integration of both B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business) platforms enables us to help every brand effectively; analysing their inventory and advising them to the most suitable marketplace. Recently, Otrium has opened its B2B Marketplace to all brands, leveraging its expertise to manage excess inventory discretely and foster a circular economy by giving unsold items a second chance.How it worksThrough the undefined, introduced in 2019, we connect brands with a verified network of stock buyers. Once sold via the B2B Marketplace, the stock finds its way to countries outside of the core markets of brands, with a primary focus on offline retail stores in regions such as the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and North Africa. Our auction model guarantees price recovery for brands while overseeing the entire process, from identifying buyers to handling logistics and invoicing.What are the main benefits for brands? undefinedundefinedundefined In conclusion, Otrium's B2B Marketplace provides a solution for fashion brands to efficiently manage excess inventory by carefully matching them  with suitable sellers. Because of this service encompassing brand protection, competitive recovery, and full unburdening, Otrium empowers brands to align their business practices with a circular and eco-conscious fashion industry.Want to find out what other initiative is set in place to reduce the last 10% of unsold clothing? Find the article undefined.
As we all know, visuals are everything when it comes to fashion. We can see that consumers are more likely to choose clothing with clear images. At Otrium, we understand the important role that visuals play in presenting clothing at its best, so here’s what we did: We've initiated  our Photo Studio in 2020, to optimise the visual identity of the items on our platform. Our mission revolves around collaborating with brand partners to give a new life to their unsold stock through our platform. Our in-house Photo Studio captures these items on models using AI. Quick and effective From a seamless photo shoot to the final image, we manage it all, eliminating the need for third-party involvement and ensuring a swift and cost-effective workflow. A quick turnaround, with items going live within a week. The studio offers options between packshot and model images, with high-quality AI-driven modelling. This is how we workundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedBest of both worlds Off-price items are mostly end of season, and for brands it is therefore less attractive to invest in such items. This is where Otrium comes in; for a small expense we deliver quality images of these fashion items if our brand partners do not have such imagery available themselves. These visuals help consumers with making an accurate purchase decision and therefore also reduce the likelihood that consumers will  return their order.Capacity Behind the scenes, our statistics reveal the scale of our operations. In 2023 alone, 15,000 items were shot, with 2,500 as model photography. Our editing partner handled retouching for 30,000 images, emphasising the magnitude of our commitment to visual excellence. Orders with at most 75 items can go live within four days. The Otrium Photo Studio isn't just about capturing images; it's a testament to our dedication to revolutionising how fashion is presented and experienced. With a commitment to efficiency, quality, and innovation, we're aiming to set new standards in the fashion industry.  Click undefined If you want to know more about Otrium’s services.
At Otrium, our goal is to ensure all clothing produced is worn. Over 90% of the items available on our platform reach our members. We offer alternative services to unburden fashion brands to repurpose the unsold 10%. Alongside our B2B Marketplace – where we connect our brand partners to local stock buyers – we actively support charities to repurpose the items while serving local communities.How it worksPreviously, Otrium would return unsold items to our brand partners, operating on a consignment basis where brands retain ownership until items find new owners through our platform's data-driven matching. Our donation service operates as an additional facet of our core mission, which involves giving unsold fashion items a renewed purpose. We enable these charities to select items upfront. To ensure that the items we send their way fit with the needs of their community.  Partnerships with charities show us the importance clothing holds.

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